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How to Jump Start a Car

Hopping into your car with a dead battery is unfortunate. Forgetting to turn off your car lights or leaving a door open can cause this trouble. It’s smart to buy and keep some jumper cables in your trunk for these inconveniences. It’s a simple fix. With the help of a good individual, you can jump […]

The Most Popular Classic Cars

Classic cars fascinate pretty much everyone. That’s why you find so many classic car shows hosted all around the U.S. It is a popular summer time activity, although many car shows pop up every weekend morning all year round. In every car show, you are likely to find these. The 1966-1978 Dodge Charger According to […]

Driving in the Rain

After not having much rain this winter season so far, it seems that finally some rainy days are approaching. That is why it’s important to prepare our vehicles for the rain and take the right precautions so we can be safe on the road. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are over 5 […]

Leaks In Your Car

“I saw a blue liquid under my engine compartment. Should I worry about that?” Instagram User- @biaynaaa Yes, this is something you want to get checked out! One of the most common leaks found in cars is coolant (anti-freeze) leaks. These can be a blue color as you described. When your car leaks coolant, there’s […]

How to Organize Your Car

We all know what it’s like rushing to work in the mornings. Or having to eat in the car because you had no other choice. Right now specially with Covid-19, lots of us have no other option but to get take out and eat in our cars. We might have our workout gear in the […]